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We teach music (percussion, dances and singing) to schools, Cooperate Events N G O. We also preform in different events (private/public parties, weddings and schools)we also perform for our communities to show them what we do and offer free music lessons to street kid, vulnerable children and C B O.

Mission The mission of slum drummers is to raise the living standards of slum drummers members through music, in order to share the benefits of social rehabilitation with the vulnerable children, youth and other members of the community. Vision The vision of slum drummers is to represent a role model of social improvement through art for vulnerable and disadvantaged human beings.

Core values 1. The healing power of music. 2. Social improvement. 3. Solidarity and sharing. 4. Cultural differences. 5. Originality and creativity 6. Fair access to education and opportunities 7. Uniqueness of the individual 8. Unity and equality 9. Strength of the group 10. Self-sustainability

About Slum Drummes

The slum drummers is a Community Based Organization consisting of young drummers whose main goal is to share their musical talent to voice positive social messages and also to encourage the community on the dangers of engaging in drug and alcohol abuse, other risk factors that they face in slums. By capitalizing on their talent in drumming and positive approach towards making their lives better and productive, Slum Drummers aspire to create, share and entertain musically. In April 2011 the Slum Drummers was officially registered as a Community Based Organization and they have a membership of thirteen young youth. (Ten males and three females.) They are based in Waithaka in Dagoretti. Under the expertise and leadership of a well seasoned Italian artist, Giovanni Lo Cascio, the initiatives of Slum Drummers are in progress thanks to the support of GRT (Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali). GRT is an Italian organizations that is running our project “The Slum Drummers for the street children of Waithaka; music as an instrument for a different life – Our dreams by our Drums-“ The project is funded by the Swiss foundation Alta Mane and the Italian foundation Alta Mane Italia.